tisdag 18 januari 2011

Fort Lauderdale (no Everglades)

The last three days we spent in Key West, probably the biggest disappointment on this trip...
My expectations and mental image of the island were completely crushed in our first day. It's a tourist trap with all it's components, sky high prices for crap (hotel, food etc), cheap t-shirts with sex-jokes, a train on wheels, adultstores, mass-produced art in the galleries, you name it!
So we cancelled the fourth night at our hotel (would have cancelled more if we didn't have to pay for it).

When doing some more thorough research on the web we realized we had already passed through the Everglades. I think I had a different image of what the Everglades would look like...
And if we wanted to see the Everglades again we would have had to backtrack our path quiet a bit.

So instead we decided to head to Fort Lauderdale where we met the only swede who has ever blown up an american battleship!
It's true.
As a part of an artificial reef-program the old battleship was blown up outside of Pensacola. Today it serves as shelter for fish and attraction for sport-divers. The discovery channel made a show about the sinking so you can probably find it on YouTube.

Fort Lauderdale seems really nice so we decided to stay here tonight. I saw some galleries when we drove through the city so I hope to see some good paintings tomorrow.
I haven't had many good opportunities to paint lately which is very frustrating but I sincerely hope to do wip out the brushes soon.

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Location:Fort Lauderdale

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