måndag 3 januari 2011

Happy New Year!

I apologize for not posting in a while but I have had very little or no access to the information superhighway until reaching civilization today.
We have been driving a few miles, from L.A through the Nevada desert to SinCity and then to Grand Canyon for a couple of days before heading to Santa Fe and today we arrived in Albuquerque! (long sentence there..)

Here follows a few recent sketches

Nevada desert approx. 5x10 cm

Nevada desert II approx. 7x7cm

And for a landscape painter few places are as majestic to paint as the
Grand Canyon.
Not only was it grand it was also the coldest conditions I have ever painted in
(-12 Fahrenheit = -24 Celsius).
I wasn't sure if the paint was going to stick to the canvas when I set out the first morning. So please don't judge me to hard on the drawing. My only goal was to capture a few color notes, then I will use, I going to say it!, PHOTOGRAFS!, for drawing reference. :)
The night before I made a small copy of an american painter, Clyde Aspevig, to help me figure out some values in distant landscape, see below.

Color-sketch-copy after Clyde Aspevig

Then here are two colorsketches from Grand Canyon

South Rim approx. 12x30 cm

By Matherpoint approx. 10x15 cm

Until next post, Happy New Year!!

Location:Nevada & Grand Canyon

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  1. Hej Gustav, kul att se vad du haft för dig sen du lämnade Sverige. Dina skisser är fyllda av energi, riktigt kul att se.

    Önskar dig all fortsatt lycka med resan.