fredag 14 oktober 2011

Ängelholm ---> Stockholm ---> Malmö!

The past few weeks has been quiet busy.
Me and my colleague Nathan Sowa were up in Stockholm for the Peredvizjniki-show (Ilya Repin, Isaak Levitan, Abram Archipov among other great painters) and to participate at Kista mässan and do portrait-demos.
To experience that show was close to a religious experience

                                               Portrait of the Art Critic Vladimir Stasov by Ilya Repin

We are definitely going up to Stockholm to see this show again before they take it down. Then bringing a real camera to get some good close-ups to study.

I have also moved from Ängelholm to Malmö and have been working hard to get the place in order. So today I had my first chance to paint in my new studio space. I began a figure painting on which Im going to continue on for at least one more day so maybe I can post an image tomorrow of that.
Titus, my dog, was kind enough to lay still for five minutes. (I let him up on the couch where he usually is not allowed)

So here a little sketch of my best buddy,

In another post I can tell you how I have set up the new studio space.

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