torsdag 5 januari 2012

Its been an intense start of the new year 2012! All in a good way =)

New Years I celebrated with friends in the Stockholm archipelago and it was beautyful! It was oddly enough my first time in the archipelagos, where Zorn would set out from Dalarö (we were pretty close).
So thank you, Sussie and Magnus!

Then the 3rd of januari me and Nathan got up at 04:45 to paint in TV4 Nyhetsmorgon. Im not usually the sharpest tool in the box that early in the morning but was wired even after maybe 2-3 hours of restless sleep.
We didnt get to say much, or at least not as much as I had expected but it was fine.
You can still see the clips on or just follow this link

Here is a pic of my portrait of Timothy Atkins

Noon same day as the TV4-show I had another portrait to do with Annika Duckmark. I had met her last year in Stockholm and we agreed to have a little portrait session whenever I would be in Stockholm next time, which happend to be now!
Here it is, a small sketch =)

After we finished I went to stay with an old childhood friend who now lives in Stockholm. It was great to see him and his family. After college, the band of friends in the "Björkhagen Crew" was quickly scattered around the world for work and school and other things in life. So this was a joyful re-connection with the past!
I think I have certainly outdone myself now! I was also introduced to a new medium, Ficher & Price, and this is the magnificent portrait of my brother-of-another-mother Markus. (His kids thought it was Hercules...)

And today I have met up with Nate and prepared for our Portrait workshop in Solna. And I managed to get my hotmail-account back after having it highjacked by hackers!! But its all good now. But for all of you who received "Join my friend network..." DO NOT OPEN IT! It was not me who sent those!

Tomorrow, our buddy Per Elof is swinging by Stockholm before returning for another trimester of teaching anatomy in Florence so I think we are going together to see the Perdvijzniki show at the National Museum again! =)

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