söndag 5 december 2010


After traveling for almost 20 hours yesterday we finally arrived in Maui, Hawaii. A strange route, San Francisco - San Diego - Los Angeles and then to Maui...
It does not make sense to me that all that traveling would come to be the cheapest ticket?

So we arrived late last night, really tired and had Twix, popcorn, mini pizza crackers and ice tea for dinner from our hotels exquisite vending machine and finally had some sleep.
Today we woke up before the alarm clock went off, fresh and excited, and explored our neighborhood for the following week.

There are many hotel complexes along the beaches here but we have only been in a small area today. The island is much bigger than I had thought so my expectations are still sky high :)

Surfing around the web I found that every year in february they arrange a big Plein Air painting week on Maui. (plein air = outdoor painting)
Some of the best painters I know come here during that week to paint, exhibit their paintings and hang out. Unfortunately I won't be here this time but hopefully it's not my last time on Maui!

Here is a sketch from today, a small, seemingly untouched point on Keawakapu beach. (the picture is a little dark, going to try to take a better one tomorrow)

Keawakapu point approx. 20x30 cm oil on canvas

Tomorrow we are going to Makena Beach, reputed to be one of the worlds most beautiful beaches!

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