söndag 18 september 2011

Hamburg 16 September

Im starting to write this blog in english from now and on since I get more visitors from abroad.

Last week I got a chance to visit Hamburg, Germany for to days.
It was my first visit and I had one and half day to explore what Hamburg had to offer.
So a power nap after arrival I put on the walking shoes and set out for Hamburg Kunsthalle, one of Germanys largest museums.
After getting the wrong directions at the hotel desk, it took me a little more an hour to finally find the museum but I was lucky that they were open til 9 pm on thursdays so there was plenty of time.

Hamburg Kunsthalle has the largest Caspar David Friedrich-Collection in the world and they have ,probably, one of his most famous works, "The wanderer above the sea of fog", along with smaller landscapes and studies too.

Caspar David Friedrich is considered to be one of Germanys greatest artists of all time. Yet today I believe many art critiques consider his works to sentimental and kitschy. 
I like this painting.

They also had some paintings of Adolf Menzel, one of the most prominent german 19th-century painters

 "The studio wall"

And heres a guy I didn't know about, which is strange considering the sizes he was working in...
Hans Markat, I looked him up on Wikipedia and it said that when he was studying at the academy in Vienna in 1858 he was considered to hold little talent. In 1879 he became a professor at the same academy.

Hans Markat "The Entry of Charles V into Antwerp"

Next day I walked around Hamburg with my painting gear and did a small sketch ( i would look like a stamp compared to Markats painting...) But size doesn't matter eeh?

Thank you Barbara for sending me this picture =)

And a close-up. I think I heard Fleur-de-lys about 8 times while painting this.
Then the law inforcement got tired of the tunes and showed him off....

Thank you for reading!

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  1. MOINMOIN!!**

    THANK YOU for the magic moment of being able to take a picture of "A picture of a picture".. I hope you enjoyed your short stay in Hamburg...


    **(Traditonal Hamburg Greeting.. hello..goodbye..coming.. going..morning.. during the day..in the evening)